Ph.D. Programs

Competitions are open for admission to 10 PhD research position at T-Node
Deadline for application are:

[box]- October 1st, 2014;
– February 1st, 2015;
– October 1st, 2015.[/box]

Please notice: start of the program: one month after deadline for application.

[box]T-Node Ph.D. Program Areas:

– Sincretic Arts;
– Aestetics;Cultural Studies;
– Media Design;
– Art & Design: New Media Art;
– Tech Art;
– Bio Art.[/box]
T-Node is a competitive Graduate Research Program, designed to attract talented students and scholars. Ph.D. programs and research networks at T-Node focus on processes of cultural and technological change.

[box]The main goal of the doctoral programs is to produce cultural and technological knowledge in areas marked by a lack of metodological approach and skilled human capital.[/box]

T-Node focuses exclusively on Doctoral and Postdoctoral programs, starting on Ph.D programs, achieving a significant integration between research on arts and technologies.

Graduates from T-Node – will combine robust theoretical grounding with advanced analytical techniques, and they will be part of an international network of researchers on arts & design, media design, philosophy and cultural studies.



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