Research title: Open school;. The role of new media in contemporary higher education system in art.

The focus of my PhD research is the role of new media in contemporary higher education system in art. Its aim is to elaborate a new educational model, which is capable to valorise the socio-cultural potentialities of innovation and media.
The general area of this investigation remains the relationship between art and science, research and artistic design scenario in its own transformations, through a sociological approach. Never less the ultimate goal is to encourage an international discussion and evaluation about a potential “open school” model.
On the one hand, We are witnessing profound change in the educational system that is shifting the academic institution from a closed site of conservation, production and diffusion of specialised knowledge, to an open space for the continuous development of information, networking, and a key point of intersection in society. On the other hand, the opening of the school includes a special partnership with neo-liberalism environment and the need to preserve the transmission and construction of knowledge by processes of trivialization and commercialization, such as the international debate after the application of Bologna Declaration (1999) shows.
In this context, the role of technology turns out to be central, not only as a mere tool, but as generator of new teaching and learning methodologies with social and cultural impact. The concept of “open school” derives from one of pen source, adopted not only for the technological potential, but also as a movement, and therefore for its socio-cultural and economical impact.

Her research on educational models began when She graduated from the faculty of Political Sciences in Milan with a thesis on the sociology of cultural processes, entitledInvesting in the Future, supervisor A.Melucci, focussing on the transmission of knowledge about life between generations. The thesis analysed the limits and potential of educational models to the adult world in contemporary society with a theoretical and empirical study that also built on her professional work as an educator for social services in Milan, and subsequently as a sociologist with research aimed at improving difficult socio-cultural urban areas. This was followed by her work as a consultant with established research institutions (Eurisko, Doxa, RQ) as a qualitative researcher and a close collaboration with the research institute Synergia in Milan, specialising in social research with several projects on education that culminated in a study of educational processes in the creative field, and the publication of an essay on expressive research in L’educazione diffusa (Widespread education), edited by L’ancora del Mediterraneo by S. Laffi in 2003. As an education coordinator and teacher at NABA since 2004, this path of research and experimentation continued in a academic environment, culminating in a PhD research proposal that represents the natural development of previous work, and is enriched by daily acquired knowledge thanks to investment by the academic director, and to which I hope to make a future contribution with this study. Both the coordination activities of the School of Graphic Design & Art Direction and teaching design methodology (on the Graphic Design & Art Direction and Fashion Design courses) have allowed me to experiment with innovative teaching tools and advanced the need to theoretically reflect upon education in art and design.