Ars Academy ResearchArs Academy Research takes the form of a research and education hub that develops its activities through activation of a variegated and representative international network of researchers, innovators, educators and professionals who form a community, in keeping with a common project of intersubjective empowerment. In this sense, it becomes a multifunctional territory that facilitates projects in which different processes of research, production, communication and training meet and nurture each other.


Thanks to contacts with the leading institutions of higher education and research, on both national and international levels, Ars Academy Research qualifies as a true Fab Institution that functions as an observatory on the contemporary, based on the principles, applications and implications of digital culture.

As a Fab institution, Ars Academy Research provides the tools to visualize, prototype and document ideas regarding Innovation, Research and Development, through different periods of experience with contemporary critical devices.

Ars Academy Research has been created to respond to the need for Innovation, Research and Training on the part of the society, on a level of investment and self-fulfillment, and on the part of the business and/or cultural system, at the level of products and processes, through actions of support, facilitation, activation or complete integration of processes of innovation and education.

The goal is to have an impact on civic society by enabling the business system to activate its own processes of internal innovation, through the pioneering research methods of Open Innovation and Disruptive Innovation, always accompanied by certification of the process and the knowledge thus produced and distributed.

Therefore Ars Academy Research utilizes a series of models of research on Innovation and Development that do not apply instruments and laboratories, but the critical/methodological forms typical of the practice of Open Research.

Ars Academy Research sees Training and Research as an OPEN, NECESSARY AND PERMANENT PROCESS, in the belief that the option of closed research, conducted on a case-by-case basis, is no longer a feasible path.

In the international society, every company must rely on research and education as tangible assets, to remain on the front line of innovation and to update and nurture human resources.

Ars Academy Research sees research as a Second-Order Process. In other words, by conducting research on a product, a set or a class of products, practices and/or procedures, Research & Development is conducted on the organization and/or company itself, operating in the field of Innovation with a second-level logic.