ARS ACADEMY RESEARCH works on Research, Education and Innovation through actions of

– Formal
– Non-Formal
– Informal
– Training
– Ph.D. Research (T-Node)


Technological transfer between institutes of research, higher education and companies

– Activation of processes of cultural innovation through critical/methodological practices

Evaluation of the market potential of innovation

Technical support for the filing of patents and the management of intellectual property

Identification of partners for the commercial application of patents through the network, always with the necessary confidentiality and safeguarding of information

Management, control and monitoring of projects, preparation of business plans, coordination of business incubator activities (with national and international partners) with a glocal approach of internationalization and localization

Information for businesses; identification of themes of applied research; identification of industrial partners; project management and project financing support; constant updating of companies on existing projects, in progress or potentially ready for activation

Generation and management of content, preparation of texts, articles, audiovisual production, multimedia products, publishing management, press relations, production of content for advanced training, synchronous and asynchronous.