Ars Academy Research and developementUsing its practices as a catalyst of innovation focusing on the products and the particular DNA of companies, ARS ACADEMY RESEARCH provides a HUB and a multifunctional space of Research & Development, as a response to the growing demand for processes of corporate innovation in the information society.

ARS ACADEMY RESEARCH acts as a device of Open Research, for the “capacitating” of products and, secondly, of the company/industry itself, recovering information and contents from the product and inputting them into cycles of research and innovation.

ARS ACADEMY RESEARCH considers research as a Second-Order process. Conducting research on a product, set of products or class of products, practices and/or procedures, Research & Development is conducted on the company itself, thus operating in the field of Innovation.

ARS ACADEMY RESEARCH sees research as a process of CORPORATE INTELLIGENCE. In other words, ARS ACADEMY RESEARCH provides the company with an initial phase of PLANNING & DIRECTION, with information useful for the administrative roles to define the information objectives required to make their decisions.

This is followed by an organized process of COLLECTION, the gathering of information and resources on the part of ARS ACADEMY RESEARCH. The next phase is PROCESSING & ANALYSIS, in which the gathered information/sources are classified, evaluated and correlated as a whole.

Finally, there is the phase of PACKAGING & DISSEMINATION (COURSES): the information/sources are developed into information that can be utilized, with indications of its reliability.