MS_14_BOn Thursday 4th September 2014 took place during the Planetary Collegium T-Node Summer Session 2014 the Micropunture  Symposium “Always Already New Next Nexus – We Care For Words”, in which we tried to gather a collective and collectable lexicon for our “Always Already New” present.

Once a place in time is achieved, the earlier places in time become problematic or unthinkable, although they are still fundamental to interpret the present. But we need new signs in order to build a new nexus. What has changed? This is the question paid to the speakers in the shape of 3 words for 3 answers. These 3 words should be selected in order to present this “already new” change for the speaker. A candid investigation, an assumption and social framework conditions for a cultural impact.

We started with: Third Life, Self-monuments, Symbolic dimension, Cryptocurrency, Cartography, Philosophy of Technics and we worked towards a new cartography of the contemporary age.

Attendees: Derrick de Kerckhove (McLuhan Porgram, CA), Francesca Bria (Nesta, UK), Pier Luigi Capucci (Noemalab, ITA), Denis Jaromil Roio (Dyne, NL), Paolo Atzori (Sissa Ita), Francesco Monico (Ars Academy, Ita), Ysabel Hoyos (H-Studios, Os), Alessio Chierico (Interface Culture Linz, Os), Maria Pia Rossignaud (Media 2000, Ita), Tommaso Megale e rica Falcinelli (OA, Ita), Gianna Angelini (Università di Macerata, Ita), Regina Durig (artist independent, Ch), Hanieh Abbasinik (Designer Independent, Iran).