[box]Titolo conseguito[/box]

  • Federica Timeto – PhD Awarded
    Titolo della ricerca: Feminism, Postcoloniality and New Media Theory and Practice
  • Franco Marineo – PhD Awarded
    Titolo della ricerca: Reality on Finer Scale. Contemporary Cinema and Perceptive Afflictions
  • Jurgen Faust – PhD Awarded
    Titolo della ricerca: Towards a comprehensive and universal Design Theory, Design Methods, and possible paradigm shifts
  • Simona Caraceni
    Titolo della ricerca: Museum and Technology, Applications of virtuality and multinodality in the cultural assets field
  • Tine Melzer
    Titolo della ricerca: Ludwig and Gertrude. Ragged Edges and Common Places in Language – Where Text Image and Meet


[box]Studenti in corso[/box]

  • Jennifer Kanary
    Titolo della ricerca: Roomforthoughts. An artistic examination of the epistemological relation between the art practice and the scientific and philosophical problems of consciousness
  • Amos Bianchi
    Titolo della ricerca: Technologies, de-subjectivity and freedom
  • Paololuca Barbieri Marchi
    Titolo della ricerca: The Future of the Image
  • Gabriela Galati
    Titolo della ricerca: The Digitalisation and Uploading of the Artistic Event
  • Denis Jaromil Roio
    Titolo della ricerca: Libre Made Flash – Generative Patterns for Alternative Economics
  • Patrizia Moschella
    Titolo della ricerca: Open school. The role of new media in contemporary higher education system in art
  • Hanieh Abbasinik
    Titolo della ricerca: A Style in Architecture and Design – considering the Iranian Safavid artistic style combining this with today’s technology.
  • Tommaso Maggio
    Titolo della ricerca: Artistic Approach to Education, on line technology as platform where to create new experiments – Structured methodology and non-formal learning approach tools for a transdisciplinary culture.
  • David Monacchi
    Titolo della ricerca: Fragments of Extinction – Acoustic Biodiversity of the World’s Primary Equatorial Rainforests. An Environmental Sound-Art Project at the time of the Sixth Mass Extinction.
  • Regina Durig
    Titolo della ricerca: Hermeneutics of Love – as a narrative strategy.

[box]Ex studenti[/box]

  • Wolfgang Fiel – PhD Awarded
    Titolo della ricerca: Dissipative System, Urbanism and performance
    Graduated 2012
  • Ale Guzzetti 
    Titolo della ricerca: Technica curiosa. Machines, Automations, Electronic Interfaces: Art as Cognitive Science
  • Enrica Borghi
    Titolo della ricerca: Developing Artcrafts Thought to Disappear in Nature With a Concept of Sustainable Economy