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Fak’ugesi Digital Africa Conference 2014

Ars Academy Research is pleasant to be able to contribute and be...

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An Eternal Present: Ars Academy @ the Italian Ministry of Education

Is it possible to opposite the “eternal present” that paralyzes Italy through new...

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IMéRA – Call for applications 2015-2016

IMéRA Calls for Applications 2014-2015.  In connection with the LabexMed programme, IMéRA...

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T-Node Session in Johannesburg

Planetary Collegium Research Winter Session in South Africa – Johannesburg From 3rd...

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ST Innovation CUP 2013/2014

Using its practices as a catalyst of innovation focusing on the products...

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Roy Ascott receives the Golden Nica prize at Ars Electronica 2014

We are proud to announce that Roy Ascott, the president and the...

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PhD award to T-Node student‏ Simona Caraceni

We are proud to report that Simona Caraceni of T-Node has been...

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Derrick De Kerckhove at the T-Node Summer Session 2014

During the T-Node’s Summer Session 2014 at Linz was held the symposium...

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T-Node Summer Session 2014 @ Linz

From 29th August to 7th September the T-Node staff has worked on...

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Micropunture Symposium 2014 – We Care For Words

On Thursday 4th September 2014 took place during the Planetary Collegium T-Node...

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Ars Electronica 2014, special exhibit dedicated to Roy Ascott

A special exhibit dedicated at Ars Electronica Festival 2014 to the Planetary...

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T-Node Summer Session 2014 @ Linz, Austria

From 29th August to 7th September the T-Node staff has worked on the Fall Summer...

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Civic Media and Educational Symposium @ Foundation Ahref

On 10th April 2014 at Foundation Ahref was held a symposium at which T-Node...

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T-Node researcher visiting the MART Museum, Trento

On 11th April 2014, taking advantage from the symposium on civic media...

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